Data 101 (Data1)
Data 101 (Data1)
Welcome to Data 101! In the world of data and evaluation knowing what to measure is often the hardest part of the process. Not mention the key to a clear, usable study. In this course, we will walk learners through building a sound research...
Data 102 (Data2)
Data 102 (Data2)
Welcome to Data 102! In this course, you will learn how to build a measurement strategy based off of a research question. When considering a data and evaluation project, you not only need data, but tools, support structures, and people to...
Data 103 (Data3)
Data 103 (Data3)
Welcome to Data 103! In this course we will put all of our planning together to develop a Theory of Change. A Theory of Change is a fantastic tool that guides your data and evaluation project. It will be your map for when decisions must be made...
Data 104 (Data4)
Data 104 (Data4)
Welcome to Data 104! When we think about communicating data and evaluation projects, the first people to come to mind are the public. However, for organizations to get the most out of their data and evaluation projects, the first people to know...
Data 105 (Data5)
Data 105 (Data5)
Welcome to Data 105! In this course, we do a deep dive into protecting data when it is shared outside of an organization. Learners will dig into developing two key documents, a data sharing policy, and Data Sharing Agreement to protect their...
Data 106 (Data6)
Data 106 (Data6)
Welcome to Data 106! In this course we discuss how to communicate data and evaluation projects outside your organization. Learners will gain insight on how to center data in their communications, as well as how to visualize data for key stakeholders.

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